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HX Taekwon-Do is a dedicated martial arts facility in Harolds Cross, Dublin. We are members of the Irish National Taekwon-Do association, and the International Taekwon-Do Federation.
Classes in the traditional martial art and dynamic combat sport are available every weekday, for both adults and children.

Martial Arts in South Dublin, Taekwondo


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On yer bike

{jcomments on}This shiny new spin bike mysteriously appeared in the gym the other day.


It would seem that my silent partner is living up to his title, and working on some serious ninja-type skills while he's at it.

So we have our first piece of gym-equipment, not counting the punchbags and shields and stuff.

Exciting times now, we will be open for business from next week. There will be some work on the place still outstanding, but it will be open-able and the sooner we start the better. Also I really need a place to train myself, I'm starting to feel the ring-rust.

The first few classes will probably just be a few friends and the summer training for D.I.T. Taekwon-Do students, since we haven't sorted out advertising or even signage yet.

heavy bags

{jcomments on}The bags finally arrived about the second week of March, after a brief spell in container limbo.

This is them on arrival, and pretty much where hey have been laying ever since:

Lovely sight, aren't they?

I hung one of them up today using a 8mm steel chain, which is a shade on the overkill side, but big chains look great so there you go.

The chain is slung over a 12mm steel bolt which is going through a roof joist, so the whole thing is probably the most solid and secure part of the whole building. And that's including the floor.

The bags seemed a little light when they arrived and I was worried that they might not be solid enough to take a good bang without flying away, but the hung bag tells a very different story. It's a little narrower than many other bags that I've used, so straight shots need to be that little bit more accurate to avoid sliding off, which is no bad thing in tkd training. Most importantly it feels very solid, and is not too easy to move. This might well be a result of being very new, as a few years of use will soften up any bag, and the fact that the bags are five feet high (or five feet low, as the top of the bag will be hung at the same height as a four foot), so they have a lower centre of gravity than shorter bags. Or something.


Mats and shields and stuff

{jcomments on}Our first consignment of kit arrived the other day, a lovely big pallet of red and blue mats, air-shields and focus mitts.
18022010s.jpg Just like Christmas, only much much better. Even Santa would have a hard time getting that lot down the chimney.

Apologies for the photo quality there, my phone camera lens is scratched to a fine mist and there's never a proper camera to hand when you need one.

There's a second pallet out there somewhere in a container, straining under the weight of  six 5' heavy bags. Christmas part II, or part III if you count real Christmas.