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HX Taekwon-Do is a dedicated martial arts facility in Harolds Cross, Dublin. We are members of the Irish National Taekwon-Do association, and the International Taekwon-Do Federation.
Classes in the traditional martial art and dynamic combat sport are available every weekday, for both adults and children.

Martial Arts in South Dublin, Taekwondo

A New Beginning

Good news. Today we open a new HX taekwon-do Dojo, in 19 Greenmount Lane ,Harold s Cross,Dublin 6.

Classes are Tuesday from 7.30-9pm and Friday from 6.00-7.30 pm.

If the student don t have Dobok please use track suit without zippers. All students from HX club are welcome and of course we also receive new students. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at the phone number 0834412500.

Ciprian Paul Baciu


The level 3 restrictions mean that HX must close for at least the next three weeks.
The level 2 restrictions have already made keeping a full time facility unsustainable in the longer term. Myself and Paul are looking into ways that the dojang can continue to exist. Keep an eye on here or  the facebook page / hx members group for updates.
Thanks to everybody for all the support,

COVID Update / August 2020

We can no longer accept new students, due to the new restrictions on numbers. Current students MUST contact us to confirm their place before the beginning of the month.

For the remainder of August:

Mondays + Wednesdays junior class:
 - white and yellow belts @7pm
 - green and above @7:40pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays junior class:
- Only students that were in the previous class can attend with without confirming a place first.

Tuesdays and Thursdays Adult class:
- Only students that were in the previous class can attend with without confirming a place first.

Please contact us for refunds in the case that you do not qualify to continue traing this month.

Return of the Kids Classes

We will be reopening the kids class (5-10) from Tuesday the 4th of August.

1. Children should arrive wearing their training gear, the changing rooms are closed.
2. Children should arrive before 6pm and leave promptly at the end of class (6.50pm).
3. Parents should not remain in the building after delivering their children.
4. Please contact us in advance of coming to a class, we may not be able to facilitate you if demand is high.